Managing properties in the New York metropolitan area requires a company committed to careful oversight and client satisfaction. Webb & Brooker is well known for its time-tested approach to building management, sales and leasing for both residential and commercial properties.

The Webb & Brooker team of dedicated professionals has managed properties throughout New York City and Westchester County according to a comprehensive series of controls to ensure that the properties function effectively. At every level of management services, Webb & Brooker professionals document their actions and report the results to you. This management philosophy ensures that Webb & Brooker always offers the highest quality service at the most competitive price. The firm offers a wide variety of services that guarantee that the needs of owners, residents and commercial tenants are met promptly.

  Webb & Brooker's Property Managers report directly to the Executive Management Team and are responsible for administering the day-to-day operations of their property assignments. Each Property Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of a carefully developed management plan for a select number of properties.

    Excellence in property management requires that Property Managers report and document all management activities to their supervisors as well as their clients. Accurate and timely communication ensures that management decisions are made properly. Webb & Brooker Property Managers pride themselves on maintaining excellent channels of communication regarding every detail of a property.

    Each Webb & Brooker Property Manager meticulously manages the physical and financial operations of their assigned properties. The Property Manager maintains continuous oversight by directly reviewing all property functions on a daily basis. Depending on the specific needs, size and number of tenants at a given site, it is determined if a manager will be on-site or will manage the property through periodic visits. Each Property Manager is responsible for supervising the implementation of a proactive preventive maintenance program, managing the building's staff, as well as monitoring repair schedules and the building's financial status.

Property Managers report to the Director of Operations on a weekly basis who, in turn, routinely inspects the property and reports directly to the Executive Vice President. This efficient chain of command keeps everyone informed and prepared to address any issue. Should any emergency materialize, the Property Manager and other staff are on call 24-hours a day and may be reached via a text message/telephone system.

Over the past decades, Webb & Brooker has accumulated an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial properties in the New York Metropolitan area.
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